Billingsley Company is no stranger to sustainable building practices. We make every effort to create communities as green as possible by building to Dallas green code, working towards Energy Star® efficiencies and providing a variety of recycling programs to our tenants and residents.

While we recognize the obvious competitive advantages of green building practices such as lower construction and operating costs, long term value increases, and fostering healthy environments, green building also encompasses our company’s philosophy. 

Sustainability is about maintaining a worldwide and civic responsibility to the earth ensuring its health for future generations.  At each of our properties, we are committed to creating communities that will improve with time.  Below is an example of what our recycling programs yield in a typical year.

Check back here for updates on what Billingsley Co. is doing to engage with carbon-conscious initiatives

Billingsley Green Initiatives

Recycling Programs

Robust recycling programs at all of our properties include daily waste recycling, e-waste, batteries, light bulbs and quarterly shred events for our tenants. In addition, approximately 80-90% of our construction waste is recycled.

Renewable Energy

The majority of our office buildings are on 100% renewable wind electricity contracts with TXU Energy. Purple Pipe Irrigation

Purple Pipe Irrigation

At Cypress Waters, we employ a purple pipe system to use the non-potable water from the lake for landscape irrigation. This not only conserves water, but it also means lower water utility costs for our tenants.

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